Keep your windows clear of fog this spring!

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How to de-fog your windshield

While spring is finally here, your car windows can still fog up this time of year, which can be annoying. Learn how to de-fog your windshield here!

Steps to de-fog windshield

How you tackle this problem will depend on the type of fog you are dealing with. Fog on the outside of the windows, which typically occurs in the winter or in highly humid summer weather, is less common and dealt with differently than fog on the inside of your windows, which happens when the colder air outside is combined with the warmer, moister air inside. Learn how to beat both types of foggy windshields!

Fog on the outside:

  • Use your wiper blades to clear away fog
  • Turn the AC down or off or turn the heat on low

Fog on the inside:

  • For immediate results: open the windows or turn the defrost on without heat
  • Warm the inside of the car using your heater without the recirculate feature (if applicable)
  • Turn the defrost button on its highest setting
  • Use the highest heat level
  • Turn on AC button (if applicable)
  • Crack your windows

Following these steps will help you clear your windows in no time! While you might be in a hurry, we recommend taking the extra couple of minutes to clear your windshield so that you are not driving with poor visibility.

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