Maintenance is the key to long-term happiness with your car!

It's all in your hands.

It’s all in your hands.

Car Care Tips

Owning a vehicle is a great experience in so many ways –  you get the pride of having something of great value, that’s fun and functional and makes your life easier. You car can quickly become an extension of you:  People see your car –  even if someone else is driving it and it just resembles yours – and they think, “Oh hey, I know you!” That’s probably especially true if you’ve got a Fiat –  Just saying, they pack an awful lot of personality in case you hadn’t noticed. But what we’re getting at today is that with the pride, joy, and recognition of ownership comes the responsibility. Taking good care of your vehicle is crucial to protecting its long-term value. Today we’ll offer up some car care tips to help you do just that. Read the rest of this entry >>

Tips for taking your dog in the car

Traveling with Dogs

Your little buddy wants to come along? Read this first!

Your little buddy wants to come along? Read this first!

You love driving your Fiat, and you love spending time with your dog. But can you do both at once? Traveling with dogs can be fun and rewarding, but it needs to be done safely and that takes planning. Today we’ll give you our best tips for getting out there with your best friend in tow. You’ll have a great time together as long as you know in advance how to make the experience safe and pleasant. Read the rest of this entry >>

Check out Fiat's latest video!

Is the Fiat 500L in danger? Watch and find out!

Is the Fiat 500L in danger? Watch and find out!

Fiat Godzilla ad

Think about your average car commercial. A confident, attractive man or woman gets behind the wheel. They have a knowing smile. They drive around smugly while a voiceover tells you about all the incredible features, power, handling, and technology. It’s effective, it gets the message across, and it might even get you in for a test drive. That’s great. We can appreciate that. But what’s innovative, unique, and memorable about it? And doesn’t that speak to the car company, and the cars they produce, just a little tiny bit? That’s why we’re always excited to see what Fiat will come up with next for their ads. So what’s our dynamic automaker up to now? It’s thrilling, that’s for sure! Read the rest of this entry >>

Have you seen our used selection?

Used Fiat Milwaukee


Drive away happy when you visit our used department!

Drive away happy when you visit our used department!

While we’re certainly best known for our great collection of the unique and iconic Fiat 500 and Fiat 500L models, did you know that we have a huge selection of used vehicles across a wide variety of makes and models? It’s true! Sure we’ve got the used Fiat near Milwaukee you’re looking for, but that’s not all! From luxury brands to SUVs and pickups, our used selection is one you won’t want to miss if you’re in the market for something cost-effective, high-quality, and right here in Kenosha! Read more about our top-notch used department here! Read the rest of this entry >>

Take Mom out for Mother's Day in Kenosha

Happy Spring

Kenosha Mother’s Day Brunch 2014

Want to show Mom your appreciation for all she’s done for you by doing something special this Mother’s Day? We know, brunch is a bit of a cliche when it comes to Mother’s Day activities, but some traditions exist for a reason. In this case, a huge meal with no mess to clean up and some quality, hassle-free time with Mom. Here are some Kenosha Mother’s Day Brunch ideas for 2014 that we think offer something a little extra special (and one that’s all just all about the great food!). Read the rest of this entry >>