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Bracketron Universal Tablet Windshield Mount

Navigation, entertainment, music … the list goes on and on when it comes to reasons why you might want to have access to a tablet in the car. For those individuals who require a larger screen for a better view, There is just what you need. today’s advances brings us The Bracketron Universal Tablet Windshield Mount – a mouthful of innovation and adaptability. Read the rest of this entry >>

Make the most of your great Fiat fuel economy!

drive more efficiently

Tips for Driving More Efficiently

Fiat vehicles are known for being stylish, agile, and fun, but they’re also famous the world over for their efficiency. If you’re a Fiat driver, fuel economy is probably one of the many points of pride you cite when telling friends about your vehicle. But what if we told you you might not even be getting the most out of your Fiat’s stellar mpg rating? Today, we’re going to share some of our top tips for driving more efficiently. Saving on gas is great –  saving even more? Who can complain, especially when it’s this easy? Read on for details: Read the rest of this entry >>

Let the summer air in with a Fiat 500c!


Fiat 500c Kenosha

Nothing says summer fun quite like driving around in a convertible. Have you checked out the Fiat 500c in Kenosha? It’s Fiat’s answer to the sometimes-daunting price point of the typical top-down, and it’s definitely worth a look –  maybe even a test drive? Today we’ll tell you all about the 500c and why we think it might be the perfect way to maximize this already-gorgeous summer we’re having in the Midwest. Read the rest of this entry >>