Who Needs a Perfect Hair Day, Anyways?

summer tips Best Way to Maintain a Convertible

With so many Fiat options, there is no doubt that here at Palmen Fiat, we are under the obligation to teach you to take care of the model you choose. Whether it is from the inside or the outside, it should always be taken care of. So, just for those lovers of the wind, we want to teach you the best way to maintain a convertible.
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Better Safe than Car-less.

summer tips What to Look for to Find the Perfect Car Tracking System

There is no such thing as too much security. Well, perhaps if you wrap your kids in bubble wrap, you might be taking it to the extreme. But when it comes to the security of your vehicle, we think you can always go the extra mile. Here at Palmen Fiat in Kenosha WI, we want to make sure you know what to look for to find the perfect car tracking system so that your automobile remains safe at all time. Read the rest of this entry >>

More Miles. More Passion.

How to Increase Your Gas Mileage

We understand that you want to feel the wind pass through your hair as you push the accelerator just a little bit closer to the floor. This feeling is the greatest. That’s the main reason why you opt for the car you have -And we completely agree. But we cannot ignore the fact that gas prices aren’t as fun as driving so for that, here at Palmen Fiat we want to let you know how to increase your gas mileage with some easy steps. Read the rest of this entry >>

Keep Your Eyes Wide Open

summer tips It happens to everybody! The brain has mysterious ways of playing with our sensations. Because of so many sensations bombarding at us every minute of the hour, the brain develops a protective method so that one can concentrate on one thing at a time.

However, with the mind having a special way of organizing itself, we tend to “go away” for a second every now and then. Our minds begin to wander and we start to think of that one special day at the beach back in the day… and when we least expect it, we get distracted and daydreaming starts to happen. Daydreaming can become a real danger if it happens while behind the wheel. Here at Palmen Fiat, we want to make sure that you know how to stay safe on the road at all times. Read the rest of this entry >>

Thinking About it like Your Wallet and Keys

summer tips We are sorry to tell you, but it is not enough just to own a car. You have to do a few more things in order to maintain it. One has to be cautious because you never know what might happen. Here at Palmen Fiat we want to keep you and your family happy at all times, so this is why it is helpful for you to know things you must carry in your car at all times to enjoy any weather and every season. Read the rest of this entry >>

Fiat's Italian Neighbor Series on Funny or Die

Fiat Funny or Die

Fiat’s known for commercials that are humorous and outside the box of what you’d normally expect from a car company. From the recent Godzilla movie Fiat ad to last year’s “The Italians are Coming” ad you probably saw on TV, the commercials tend to reflect the offbeat, irreverent fun that Fiat vehicles themselves tend to represent for people. Perhaps nowhere is this connection more strongly drawn than on Fiat’s Funny or Die channel. The current season is called “Neighbors” and we’ll tell you all about it (complete with video!)  Read the rest of this entry >>