Get a roof rack for your Fiat from Mopar

Fiat 500 Roof Rack

Need more space? This cargo rack should take care of it!

Need more space? This cargo rack should take care of it!

While Fiat continues to come out with options that have more space for you and your belongings — Starting with the 500L and expanding further with the much-anticipated 500X coming soon, those drivers who still prefer the compact and stylish little Fiat 500 may find themselves occasionally hard pressed for space when it comes to long trips. Or maybe you’d just like to take your bike or snowboard with you. Today we’ll tell you about some of the great Fiat 500 roof rack accessories available from Mopar and how you can get them! Read the rest of this entry >>

Get better fuel economy this winter

Save gas in winter

winter gas mileage

Winter can be expensive as it is — Don’t let your fuel economy suffer any more than it has to.

Have you noticed you have to stop for gas more often during the winter? It’s not all in your head just because the freezing wind and snow make it that much more unpleasant — Winter actually can result in worse fuel economy. And since our Wisconsin winters are anything but forgiving, you can be sure your efficiency is being affected. This happens for a number of reasons, including increased engine and transmission friction due to cold fluids, heaters using up power, tire pressure decreases, and lowered battery performance, among other factors. The bottom line is: There are a lot of ways for winter to make your fuel economy worse, so we’re going to focus on ways to help make it better. Save gas in winter with the following tips:  Read the rest of this entry >>

This is what the 500 line is all about

Fiat 500 Couture

Fiat 500 Ron Arad
At the recent press conference for the big reveal of the Fiat 500X, Head of Fiat Brand Olivier Francois laid out the four “embedded elements” of any Fiat 500 model. Today we’ll tell you what those four elements are, how they reach throughout the range of 500 models you can choose from, and we’ll highlight some of the exclusive new Fiat 500 Couture models that will be available in limited edition in Europe only — for now! We always like to say “for now” even when there are no immediate plans for a US release because the Fiat brand only continues to grow and flourish in the U.S. — in fact another tidbit from Francois was that last year Fiat models saw a 29% year-over-year increase stateside. Things may be looking way up for Fiat fans here on the fruited plain!  Read the rest of this entry >>

Our Favorite Gifs from the Fiat Tumblr Page

Fiat Gifs

fiats moving gif
Ah, the gif. Good old Graphic Interchange Format. Some argue about whether its a hard or a soft “g” (it’s hard), others just scour the internet for the perfect one to express their feelings all day long. One particularly popular social media site for finding great gifs is Tumblr, and wouldn’t you know it our friends at Fiat have their very own Tumblr account, just rife with charming gifs pertaining to these personality-filled cars we love. Today we’ll show you our favorite Fiat gifs from the Fiat Tumblr account — be sure to check out the whole page once you’re through looking through our picks. They’re just fun!  Read the rest of this entry >>

"An all-wheel drive that we'll all drive"

Fiat 500X Reveal

fiat  500x reveal
It happened! At the Paris Motor Show (Mondial de l’Automobile 2014) on October 3rd, Fiat held a twenty minute press conference for the Fiat 500X Reveal. We now have plenty of images and details about this truly exciting new member of the Fiat 500 lineup. It’s a crossover through and through, and it has all the Fiat 500 style you love while merging some of what Fiat’s gained from its relationship with Jeep — That is, advanced capability never before seen in a Fiat.  Read the rest of this entry >>

Want to get spooked this October?

Kenosha Haunted Houses 2014

haunted houses kenosha
If you’re looking for a haunted  house to attend with your family or friends this Halloween season, there are plenty throughout Wisconsin to choose from, many of which are long-running, highly-rated, and action-packed! But if long car rides aren’t your thing, or you just want to take advantage of the local offerings before you go branching out from there, we’ve got a little list put together for you of some Kenosha Haunted Houses for 2014 that you can go to for your scares, and the furthest one’s not more than a half hour away!  Read the rest of this entry >>