Driving in the snow

Our tips for Driving in the Winter Weather

Driving Safely in Winter Weather

Driving any car, and especially the smaller, lighter cars being produced today, in the winter can be a real struggle for many people. Getting traction when the road is slick with ice, or coming to a stop when packed snow is covering the street can make driving an absolute nightmare. Read here to learn a few ways you can give yourself a better chance at driving safely in winter weather. Read the rest of this entry >>

What does Fiat 500 sport mode do?

Our favorite features of the Fiat 500

With all this talk about newer models like the Fiat 500L and the brand-new Fiat 500X, sometimes it’s important to step back and think about the model that started it all: the Fiat 500. First produced back in 1957, the 500 has been an iconic vehicle for over half a century, and it’s as at home in the current auto world as it ever has been. How do you update a classic without losing its original look and feel? One of the ways the Fiat 500 keeps up with the competition is by offering you options in terms of what kind of driving experience you want to have. For example, what does Fiat 500 Sport Mode do? We’ll tell you about that and more of our favorite features here:  Read the rest of this entry >>

Famous magician Dynamo and the 500X take a tour of Europe

As the 2016 Fiat 500X makes its Detroit debut at NAIAS this month, the X continues its European tour with world famous magician Dynamo. At Fiat dealerships and city centres around 72 European cities, the renowned illusionist will appear along with the all-new Fiat 500X for a spectacular event that will be thoroughly dazzling and allow people to get to know this new vehicle at the same time.  Read the rest of this entry >>