Kid games to play in the car

Kids Bored in the Car? Try These Games!

Our List of Fun Games to Play with Kids in the Car During Long Trips

Are you looking forward to summer road trips but dreading the kids being stuck in the back seat of a car for hours without entertainment? The shouting and poking and questions about when you’ll arrive will surely drive you insane. There is one potential solution, games! Here is our list of fun games to play with kids in the car during long trips. Read the rest of this entry >>

Bronze matte paint fiat new york auto show 2015

I’d Like My Fiat to be Matte Please!

Matte Painted Fiat 500x in Kenosha WI

Vehicles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From tiny smart cars to the larger full-size SUVs, we have a million choices and options. They also come in a bunch of colors. We might usually choose the classic silver or black, but there are some pretty crazy colored cars on the road. We’re talking lime green and cherry red. Well, we are here to tell you today that the Fiat 500x is going to be available in a matte finish. Stand out in style with your own matte painted 2016 Fiat 500x in Kenosha WI. Read the rest of this entry >>

Crazy Fiat 500x Music Video

An Even Crazier Fiat Music Video

Todrick Drive music video starring the Fiat 500x

We all know that the Fiat brand has appeared in some really great places since their reintroduction to the American auto marketplace. Music videos are often a little bizarre, but the Fiat 500x is the star of this show and makes this whole music video amazing! Give the Todrick Drive music video starring the Fiat 500x a watch and let us know what you think! Read the rest of this entry >>

Car sounds that need to be fixed fast

You Don’t Wanna Hear These Car Sounds

What car noises need to be fixed right away?

We drive vehicles that have hundreds of small parts that work together to get us where we need to go. Not many of us spend much time thinking about all these small parts, but it cannot be ignored when one of them stops doing their job. Listening for differences and problems when a car is running can be a great way to tell if something isn’t working. What car noises need to be fixed right away? We’ll give you a few to keep and ear out for! Read the rest of this entry >>

100 year old fiat 190 mph Kenosha WI

An Ancient Fiat Runs for the First Time in 100 Years!

Fiat S76 engine specs and video

Way back in 1911, the Fiat S76 was created. This beast of a vehicle was made to break speed records and to change the world of automotives forever. We drive around in vehicles that reach 100 mph easily, not to mention including all of the truly impressive technology that come with new developments and inventions. LCD screens and Bluetooth technology might not have been around when this vehicle was made, the the Fiat S76 engine specs and video are definitely worth taking a minute to see! Read the rest of this entry >>

Fiat 500 Pranks April Fools

Fiat April Fools Pranks

2015 Fiat April Fools pranks

So, we all survived another April Fool’s Day. Hopefully you didn’t make the mistake of believing a wacky story and telling the world about it through social media, only to find out it was a joke hours later. That’s the worst. Well, Fiat had a few tricks up their sleeve this year. We’ll also share a few of our other favorite pranks from other companies. Read on to see the 2015 Fiat April Fools pranks. Read the rest of this entry >>