Better fuel economy in a used car

Tips for Using Less Gas

Summer trips can cost quite a few bucks when it comes to gasoline. Filling up that tank can be painful for those on a tight budget and so we are here to offer tips for using less gasoline when you drive. It might not transform your has guzzler into a fuel efficient hybrid, but it can lead to a better overall fuel use and might even decrease stress from having to spend less money on fuel this summer. Read the rest of this entry >>

Issues with flooded car mold Kenosha WI

What to Do About a Flooded Car

What Do You Do When There’s Water In Your Car?

Do the spring rain and summer thunderstorms strike a fear in your heart? Are you worried that one of these days, your car is going to take a swim and you won’t know how to get the water out? Well we are here to prepare you for the day that your car is flooded. What do you do when there’s water in your car? We’ll tell you how to prevent further damage and clean up the mess!  Read the rest of this entry >>

Help with parallel parking

Fiat Billboard Helps Drivers Parallel Park?

Do you find yourself frustrated with parallel parking? It’s something that most drivers have to do every once in a while, even if it’s irritating. Well the genius minds at Fiat have developed an awesome billboard that is helping drivers get into those tricky spots with confidence! Watch this video to see a billboard that helps drivers parallel park. Read the rest of this entry >>