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What are the Color Options for the 2020 Fiat 500X?

2020 Fiat 500X Paint Color Options

The Fiat brand primarily relies on style. With its 500 models, Fiat offers vehicles with a funky feel and appearance inside and out that makes them immediately eye-catching on the road. Now, with the 2020 model year of the Fiat 500X model released, Fiat has debuted more color options thaever before for drivers to further stylize and customize their own unique Fiat ride. Here are the color options of the 2020 Fiat 500X!

Introducing the 2020 Fiat 500X Sport!

2020 Fiat 500x Exterior Paint Colors

The 2020 Fiat 500X is available with the following color options:

2020 Fiat 500X Amore Red Metallic

Amore Red Metallic

2020 Fiat 500X Arancio Orange

Arancio – Orange

2020 Fiat 500X Beige Cappuccino Clear-Coat

Beige Cappuccino Clear-Coat

2020 Fiat 500X Bianco Gelato White Clear-Coat

Bianco Gelato – White Clear-Coat

2020 Fiat 500X Blu Venezia Blue Metallic

Blu Venezia – Blue Metallic

2020 Fiat 500X Blue Sky Metallic

Blue Sky Metallic

2020 Fiat 500X Grigio Argento Grey Metallic

Grigio Argento – Grey Metallic

2020 Fiat 500X Grigio Moda Graphite Grey Metallic

Grigio Moda – Graphite Grey Metallic

2020 Fiat 500X Italia Blue

Italia Blue

2020 Fiat 500X Milano Ivory Tri-Coat

Milano Ivory Tri-Coat

2020 Fiat 500X Nero Cinema Black Clear-Coat

Nero Cinema – Black Clear-Coat

2020 Fiat 500X Passione Red

Passione Red

2020 Fiat 500X Vibrante Green Metallic

Vibrante Green Metallic

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2020 Fiat 500X vs 2020 Fiat 500X Sport

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