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Car Maintenance New Year's Resolutions Ideas

When it comes time to choose your new years resolutions, it is important to give yourself realistic goals. While some of us are really great at remembering to take our cars in for regular maintenance, the rest of us might need a little help. If you want to do something great for a new year’s resolution, choose to take care of your car! There are few other tools in your life that you use as often as your car, so take some time to check out these simple resolution ideas for your new year.

Four Car Maintenance New Year’s Resolutions

Keep Things Clean Vehicle Service Sale SPecials Kenosha WI

This might sound simple and too vague to be attainable, but imagine getting into your car every day and seeing that it is cleaned up and smells great. That would make every commute more enjoyable, and will take away stress from your everyday driving. Make it a goal to clean all of the extra things out of your car once a week. Just throw out the garbage and bring any other items inside the house. This will help to keep the inside of your car neat and clean, without making things difficult.

Change the Oil and Filter

Everyone knows that cars need to get their oil changed every once in a while. What you might not know is that skipping it does damage to your car and all the parts of your engine that use the oil to remain lubricated and efficient. Make it a goal to bring your car into the shop every three months or 3,000 miles this year to get an oil change. Your car will thank you!
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Check Out Your Tires

One of the most important parts of your vehicle are the tires. Often, we forget to check our tires unless something goes wrong. One of the best ways to keep your car running its best is to ensure that our tires have enough tread left on them to be safe, and to check the air pressure. If your air pressure is low, you can be decreasing your fuel efficiency! So save yourself time and money by making sure your tires are in great shape.
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Be Nice When You Drive

We’re not saying you have to be nice to other drivers on the road, although that would be really great, but we are saying that you should be nice to your car when you drive. Accelerate smoothly and try not to hit your brakes very hard. Thinking ahead when you’re driving can increase your fuel efficiency and make your car last a lot longer!
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