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Fiat 500e and Fiat Panda Hybrid Launch Edition models driving down a back road of stone tiles near old buildings

What Song is Playing in the Fiat “New 500 and Panda Hybrid” Commercial?

Fiat just released a new commercial promoting the new Fiat 500 model as well as its Panda Hybrid model. American drivers likely won’t be seeing either of these Fiat vehicles on the market, but the company’s flashy commercialare always of interest, such as the soothing tune scoring this ad. So, what song is playing in the Fiat “New 500 and Panda Hybrid” commercial?

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What are the Available Color Options for the 2019 Fiat 500e?

2019 Fiat 500e Exterior Paint Color Options

As its naming convention implies, the 2019 Fiat 500e is essentially just an electric version of the iconic Fiat 500 model and its 2019 model year. Of course, there are additional differences between these models, which you can learn about by following the standout link below. However, one big difference between the models we’d like to explore today is the color options they offer. Here are the color options for the 2019 Fiat 500e electric compact car!

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2019 Fiat 500L exterior shot with blue paint color of cargo space with trunk open and loaded up with cargo and a cooler

How Much Cargo Space is in Each Fiat Model?

2019 Fiat Vehicle Catalog Cargo Capacities

Fiat models prioritize compact and contemporary design choices for a unique look within the automotive market. However, how much cargo space does each Fiat model have? As a major concern when shopping for a vehicle, we thought this be a helpful and introductory guide to the Fiat brand. Here are the cargo capacities for every vehicle in the current Fiat catalog!
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2019 Fiat 500 vs 2019 Fiat 500e

What are the Differences Between the 2019 Fiat 500 and 500e?

2019 Fiat 500 vs 2019 Fiat 500e

The standard flagship of the Fiat brand is the Fiat 500 subcompact car, known for its unique look and affordable pricing. Elsewhere within the Fiat catalog is the Fiat 500e which takes the exact build of the Fiat 500 model but changes out its mechanical components to create an electric vehicle. So, let’s check out the differences between these identical looking models. It’s the 2019 Fiat 500 vs the 2019 Fiat 500e!
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2019 Fiat 500e exterior closeup shot as it drives through a suburban neighborhood shadowed by trees

How Far Can You Go in the 2019 Fiat 500e?

2019 Fiat 500e Fuel Economy Equivalent and Driving Range

All of the 2019 Fiat 500 models are expected to release soon, before the end of 2018. However, although all of these models (500, 500e, 500L, 500X) are not yet available for purchase, a great deal of information concerning these new 2019 Fiat models is already available. Such is the case with the 2019 Fiat 500e.
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2018 Fiat 500 interior shot of steering wheel, dashboard display screens, and transmission

What are the Differences Between the Fiat 500 Models?

2018 Fiat 500, 500X, 500L, and 500e Model Comparison

The standard vehicle of the Fiat catalog is the Fiat 500, currently in its 2018 model. However, it’s clear to see that, much like the Volkswagen Golf and its family of vehicles, the Fiat 500 functions as a template for other Fiat model evolutions. There’s the original Fiat 500 compact hatch, the Fiat 500X compact crossover, the Fiat 500L SUV, and the Fiat 500e electric compact.
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2017 Fiat 500e Color Options

There’s a lot to love about the Italian Fiat models, but is there an electric Fiat 500e color that matches your personality as much as it matches your wish to save on fuel? Well, we are here to show you all the in’s and out’s of the 2017 Fiat 500e, and to give you the list of colors. Then, head on over to chat with us here at Palmen Fiat. Our expert sales team can get you started on the process to driving home in a new 2017 Fiat 500e in Milwaukee WI.   Read the rest of this entry >>

2017 fiat 500e Fuel Economy and Range

2017 Fiat 500e Charging Time and Range

The electric vehicles on the road today serve to remind us of the exciting advances in automotive technology, but also of the fuel-efficient future we have to look forward to. The Fiat brand has always delivered iconic style in tight little packages, and the 2017 Fiat 500e is a vehicle that will continue that quirky and affordable tradition. Read on to learn more about the 2017 Fiat 500e charging time and range.   Read the rest of this entry >>

Test Drive Fiat Vehicles Milwaukee WI

If you’ve seen a Fiat or two, and are wondering about what this incredibly stylish and unique brand has to offer, there’s no better time to come and take a test drive. Palmen Fiat, conveniently located near Milwaukee WI, has a wide range of prices and styles for you to see. The Fiat lineup features European-looking vehicles that get impressive fuel economy ratings, and are very affordable! Read on to see what models are in stock and to schedule your test drive today! Read the rest of this entry >>

Fiat 500 vs Fiat 500e Engine Specs

Fiat 500 vs Fiat 500e

Choosing to drive a Fiat means choosing the quirky style and impressively European design that makes these vehicles stand out from the rest of the options on the road today. They may not stand against the full-size SUVs, but these efficient and fun-to-drive compact vehicles are the perfect option for small families or a daily commute. The 2016 Fiat 500 and 2016 Fiat 500e are vehicles that offer great fuel economy ratings and a small footprint to drivers looking to save on gas and garage space. Read on to learn more about what makes each stand out.   Read the rest of this entry >>