Fiat latte artist draws cars in coffee

Fiat Designs in a Cup of Coffee

Fiat Latte Art at New Jersey Coffee Shop

When you look at a Fiat vehicle, there are certain things that stand out. The unique style and excellent craftsmanship come together to create a vehicle that is unlike others on the road. This is the idea behind highlighting one of the nation’s most talented coffee artists, Michael Breach. He talks about how the process of creating something that can be enjoyed by others is so fulfilling. Read on to see how he turns a simple latte into a masterpiece!

It’s Not About The Complexity

In the video, Michael discusses how he loves that the coffee is not a permanent thing. He loves that his artwork is temporary and enjoyable only in the moment. While a FIAT vehicle is not a temporary thing, we completely agree that it is a great feeling to give people a moment to enjoy something, whether that be coffee or a new vehicle, that they will truly enjoy.

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Watch Michael Breach Make FIAT Coffee Art!

Would You Like to See More?

Check out the FIAT USA YouTube page to see more cool videos about how FIAT vehicles are made and what goes into the creative process of designing them!

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