How to stop losing your car

Where's my car… again?

How to stop losing your car in parking lots

So, it’s happened again. You parked in a lot, strode in to the building to do your shopping or other errands, and now you’ve come out with NO idea where you parked the thing. And chances are it’s cold, or raining heavily, or some other “just my luck” nightmare of a situation. We’ve all been there. That said, some of us have been there more than others and it might just be time to take some proactive action on this situation. There are things you can do ahead of time, that will eventually become habits (like your habit of walking in without stopping to remember where you parked, only better!). Here are some of our tips for how to stop losing your car in parking lots
1. Apps! We use apps for everything else — why not employ them to help us always know where we’ve parked. There are a few — if you don’t want to purchase a separate device to keep in your car you’ll need to remember to drop a pin when you first park, so it’s kind of a trade-off there and depends on how well you think you can be trusted. There are plenty of good apps for both iPhone and Android devices, so take a look around.
2. Take pics or video on your way in. After you park, say, in a ramp, snap a quick pic of the section you’re in — they’re usually some alpha-numeric combination and might not be easy to remember later on when you’re headed back. Or in a crowded lot with no sections, take a video of the surrounding area.
3. Park by the exit. That might sound like the last thing you want to do, especially if the weather’s acting up, but the fact is there’s a lot less competition back there for good spots and you’ll probably remember that you trekked in from way back there. Bonus points on this one if you’re on some sort of steps-per-day program.
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