Haunted Attractions Halloween 2016 Kenosha WI

Top Haunted Houses Kenosha Racine WI 2016

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means that we’re all looking to add a little spook to our step. Some of us might just throw in our favorite horror movie, but some of us might want to take things to the next level. If you are looking for the best haunted house locations in Kenosha and Racine, read on! We’ll tell you where to go to find fuel for your nightmares that are sure to last until next Halloween!  

Haunted House Attractions Kenosha County WI

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Abandoned Haunted House Complex – Website 
Located only 20 minutes south of Milwaukee, this group of attractions makes for an entire evening of pants-wetting fun and screams.  The four different areas are called Ambush Haunted House, Hysteria Haunted House, Stalker Haunted Corn Field, and Shoot a Freak. Tickets are available on the website linked above, and you can choose to visit all four attractions or just one! Prepare to be afraid!
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The Hill Has Eyes – Website   
Right down the road, this Franklin attraction offers four haunted trails and a zombie-infested thrill ride. If that’s not enough, you can enjoy haunted lazer tag and a brand new attraction called Containment, both surely enough to send chills up even the bravest spine! Tickets are available for purchase online, and more info is available on the website.
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Best Haunted House in Wisconsin for 2016

Wisconsin Fear Grounds – Website  
Given a variety of awards and consistently rated the #1 Haunted House in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Fear Grounds is well worth the drive for those looking to really feel afraid this Halloween season. Offering three different haunted locations and even a creepy overnight camp-out, there’s something for everyone. Check out the website and buy your tickets online!
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