New Fiat 500

Watch the Video Launch of the New Fiat 500 in JAPAN

Launch Video of the New Fiat 500 in Japan    

Fiat CEO and Global CMO of Stellantis, Olivier Francois, has sent a message in honor of the launch of Fiat’s first electric vehicle in Japan – the New Fiat 500. The Fiat 500 has been blessed with electric power and showcases advanced technologies and features. The New 500 is a prime example of Fiat excellence and design, with an added advantage of its popularity, fast charging, and affordability. It’s highly futuristic and is an expression of the New Italian Dolcevita. Being an icon of electric mobility worldwide, even in the smallest size, is the most significant achievement of Fiat with their New 500. Discover more about the new Fiat 500 launch in Japan by Fiat CEO in this blog post by Palmen Fiat dealership in Kenosha, WI.  

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