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What Does the Alfa Romeo Shamrock Badge Mean? 

The shamrock badge on the Quadrofoglio models from Alfa Romeo is more than just a good luck symbol referencing the brand’s history in racing. Some of the first genius designers and test drivers of the Alfa Romeo and Ferarri racing vehicles put the shamrock on the car, and it continues to make its appearance on new Alfa Romeo vehicles today.  

Where Did the Alfa Romeo Shamrock Badge Come From? Quadrifoglio Clover Origin

When Ferrari was hired by the Alfa Romeo brand, he brought his favorite brainstorming partner Sivocci and began to work on making faster, more aerodynamic vehicles. The factory testing racing team at Alfa Romeo included Sivocci, Ferrari, and two other drivers: Campari and Ascari. Of the four race testing drivers, Sivocci earned the fewest victories and after becoming so fed up with never having Lady Fortune on his side, he added a four-leaf clover to his vehicle’s exterior.
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Soon after putting the clover onto his racing vehicle, Sivocci won the 1923 Targa Florio race and it was said that his source of good luck came from the eye-catching symbol. Not only did the symbol seem to offer good luck to the driver, but it made it easier for spectators to pick his car out of the group on the dusty racing roads of the early 1900’s.
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To this day we can see the sybolic link to Alfa Romeo’s racing history on the Quadrifoglio models with the sportiest performance. It’s both a reference to speed and the special and historical friendship between Ferrari and Sivocci.

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