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What Song is Playing in the Fiat 500X “Dreambox” Commercial?

Fiat 500X “Dreambox” Commercial Music

Fiat has just come out with a new commercial for their celebrated Fiat 500X model. Savvy viewers might’ve recognized a few stars in the TV and internet spot, while others might’ve been distracted by the catchy tune that scores the advertisement. What is the song that is playing in the Fiat 500X “Dreambox” commercial?

The song in the Fiat 500X “Dreambox” commercial is called “Just One Lifetime”. It is a collaboration by the Jamaican singer and DJ Shaggy and Sting, the solo artist that many also know as the lead singer and bassist for The Police in the 1970s and 1980s. Those who have watched the commercial can see that both Shaggy and Sting make an appearance for a brief bit of singing and acting.

The song “Just One Lifetime” is from the duo’s new album 44/876 which can be found on Spotify and additional music streaming platforms.

For reference, first-time viewing, or repeat viewing, we embedded the Fiat 500 “Dreambox” commercial and the “Just One Lifetime” music video by Sting and Shaggy below. Enjoy the music!

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