PermaPlate Protection

PermaPlate Protection

PermaPlate is the name people have trusted for nearly three decades for superior vehicle appearance protection. Available only from authorized auto dealers, each PermaPlate product is specifically formulated to protect the interior and exterior finishes of today’s vehicles.

No longer simply a mode of transportation, our vehicles play an important role in our daily lives. With the high quality and range of choices now available to us, our vehicles have truly become a reflection of our lifestyle and a symbol of our individuality. And, because we spend more time in our vehicles today, they’ve never been subject to more wear and tear. Keeping a clean, fresh and spotless appearance has never been more important. With a single, professional application of PermaPlate, the care and maintenance of your new vehicle has never been so simple


ultimate paint protection

Three decades of innovative product research and testing back up the quality and success of Paintguard. Without protection, a vehicle's painted finish can quickly lose that 'new car' shine. Paintguard will protect a vehicle's painted surfaces from:

  • the sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays which cause oxidation, loss of gloss and fading
  • the effects of road salt, salt air, and Magnesium Chloride
  • the penetration of bird droppings, tree sap, water spotting, acid rain and industrial fallout (limited coverage)


ultimate fabric protection

With Fiberguard, spills, splatters and everyday mishaps are easily eliminated before they become permanent stains on your vehicle’s clean interior. Fiberguard protects a vehicle’s fabric upholstery and carpeting by:

  • preventing stains from oil and water based spills
  • allowing quick and easy clean up
  • bonding to individual fibers without altering texture, scent or color of the treated fabric
  • inhibiting stains from dyes


ultimate leather & vinyl protection

Sun, excessive dryness and temperature extremes can quickly show their effects on a vehicle’s leather and vinyl surfaces. The advanced sunscreens and penetrating conditioners in Leatherguard are formulated to prevent or inhibit:

  • drying and the loss of soft, supple texture
  • fading, discoloration, cracking and staining
  • premature aging of leather and vinyl seats, dashboards and interior trim
  • Comprehensive Warranty also provides repairs for rips, tears and burns.


ultimate undercarriage protection

You will enjoy your drive even more when the undercarriage of your vehicle is treated with a one time application of PermaPlate Soundguard. By creating a barrier between the road and your vehicle, road noise is significantly reduced by:

  • dampening vibrations from highway surfaces
  • insulating from weather-caused highway conditions
  • deflecting road debris, sand and salt


ultimate rust protection

In addition to it’s unsightly appearance, rust can rapidly corrode the structural integrity of your vehicle. A single, professional application of PermaPlate Rustguard will protect the inner-body of your vehicle by:

  • adhering to interior surfaces of fenders, doors and quarter panels
  • permanently sealing the inner-body metal surfaces
  • creating an unfavorable environment for rust