a Thanksgiving turkey meal set on a wooden table and surrounded by fall festive decorations

Where Can I Buy a Turkey in Racine, WI?

With the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic still ongoing and safety protections in place, now might not be the right time for a big Thanksgiving meal or buffet at your favorite restaurant. However, you’ll still want to plan a family dinner with all of your favorite additions and sides. With turkey being considered the most important part of many family traditions, you’ll want to make sure to add it to your shopping list and get a turkey of your own before supplies run short. Therefore, where can you shop for a turkey in the city of Racine, Wisconsin? Today at Palmen Fiat, we’ll take a look at the shops, stores, delis, butchers, and more businesses near you where you can buy a turkey for a festive and delicious Thanksgiving 2020!

Please visit the attached links for further information on business hours, dates, and locations.

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We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving meal this year!