Washing the Car with kids teaching

Fun Summer Activity For Kids: Wash the Car!

Teaching Your Kids to Wash the Car

Looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon with your kids, while also learning a valuable skill? There’s nothing better on a hot summer day than to teach your kids how to wash a car! It’s a skill that will be useful forever, and can be a lot of fun. Read on for tips for different age groups. 

It’s no surprise that kids can get bored during the summer, whether it be because of bad weather or a lack of friends around. However, warm days can be used learning something important, all while being fun! Teach your kids to wash the car and they will have learned a skill they can keep for the rest of their lives.

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Young kids aren’t going to be ready for the detailed car washing lesson, but there are parts of the job that they are more than able to understand.

  • Filling up buckets of soapy water and getting sponges wet.

  • Spraying the car with water and rinsing soap off.

  • Using the sponges to clean the lower parts and wheels.

While the youngest kids won’t be able to fully wash a car and finish the job with a wax, letting them help and playing with the soapy water is a great way to create positive memories and have fun together.

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Older kids (older than 4th grade) are ready to take on the bigger ideas. Tell them about important preparation and damage avoiding.

  • Parking in the shade to avoid soap spots.

  • Keeping the sponges and soapy water free of dirt to avoid scratching the car.

  • Washing from the top of the car down to the wheels.

  • Cleaning the windows with window cleaner after washing.

If you feel like your kids have the washing down, perhaps try showing them the basics of waxing the car afterwards for the best shine. It might be a big job to take on, but with patience and some practice, your kids can end up with a great skill they can use forever and great memories!