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Will the All-New Electric Fiat 500 Release in the USA?

Upcoming All-New Electric Fiat 500 U.S. Availability

You may have heard that an all-new electric Fiat 500 has been announced for a future release. Rumors began late last year, and Fiat revealed a wealth of official information in early March. One factoid that Fiat-acolytes have been clamoring after, however, is a question of domestic availability. Will the all-new electric Fiat 500 be available in the United States?

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While FCA has not made an official declaration one way or the other, the general sentiment in the automotive community is that it’s unlikely the new electric Fiat 500 will make its way to the U.S. Fiat recently pulled its combustion engine 500 and original electric 500 from the U.S. market.

While FCA says it’s currently evaluating the new model’s potential for success in North America, many analysts muse that Americans are too obsessed with trucks and SUVs to make a stateside release an economically viable move for the automaker. There just doesn’t seem to be much space in our national wheelhouse for a fully electric, urban EV.

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What’s New On the Upcoming Electric Fiat 500?

The upcoming electric Fiat 500 enjoys an updated style, with a sporty look that’s reminiscent of original incarnations of the model. It has thick roof pillars, smooth bodywork, new LED headlights, and a fresh front fascia. In a show of iconic model pride, the grille is plastered with a “500” badge instead of the usual “Fiat.”

The rear of the upcoming 500 is more rounded, with a tailgate that’s more three-dimensional. In a particularly tickling detail, the taillights of the ride create an E-shaped motif when illuminated. (E for electric. Get it?) The whole machine is slightly larger overall than the current Fiat 500 model.

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